Your Power Steering Pump Is Making Noises

There are many reasons why your power steering pump may start to make noises. The situation is one that leaves most drivers uneasy as the steering is one of the main components of a car. Ezy Car Wreckers Adelaide offers the following information on why your power steering may be making noises.

Reasons for Power Steering Pump Noise

•    The design of the pump may be inadequate
•    The power steering pump may be worn or failing
•    There may be air trapped in the fluid or system
•    The power steering fluid may be old
•    The level of power steering fluid may be low

The Design of The Power Steering Pump Is Inadequate

When the power steering pump design is inadequate, it can be a cause of the pump making noises. Often, when the pump is noisy it can work without any problems for years; sometimes, they may not. Regardless, it is an annoyance, and if the reason is not an inadequate pump but something like leaking fluid or a wobbly pulley, it will need to be checked out by a mechanic.

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The Power Steering Pump Is Worn or Bad

When the impeller bearings go bad a noise will start at the pump as it turns. If the power steering pump is bad, then you will likely see leaks from around the pulley, or the pulley will be wobbly. Steering may be difficult when turning the steering wheel. It is likely that it is time to replace your power steering pump.

There Is Air Trapped in The Fluid or System

When you have recently added new fluid, or flushed your system, it is possible that air bubbles get trapped and a noise results. If this should occur after either, remove the cap from your power steering fluid reservoir to see if there is foaming fluid or bubbles. If the problem doesn’t stop, you will need to check all connections from the pump inlet to the reservoir to ensure that they are tight.

The Power Steering Fluid Is Old

When the power steering fluid is old, it is not likely that it is lubricating the system properly. The result can be a noise in the pump.

The Power Steering Fluid Is Low

When the power steering fluid is low, it can cause noise in the pump.  You will want to check to see if there is possibly a leak.

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