Will Scrap Metal Prices Go High in 2023?

Will Scrap Metal Prices Go High in 2022

Recycling Scrap metal will not only make you an impressive sum of cash, it is also extremely helpful in keeping the planet clean. Will Scrap Metal Prices Go High in 2023? In 2023, scrap metal prices have maintained a steady level, meaning that, depending on what type of metal and how much, you can receive a high price for what you have to offer. Usually, the most viable form of scrap metal comes from larger machinery such as cars, trucks, vans, and more, and Adelaide Car Wreckers like Ezy Car Wreckers will convert your unwanted vehicle into an ‘Instant Cash for Cars Payment’.

Three Types of Scrap Metal in Adelaide

Scrap metal is generally graded in three ways:

Grade 1: generally regarded as being ‘pure’, these types of scrap metals don’t have different types of alloys on it and have specific dimensions. This metal should not be corroded to be acceptable.

Grade 2: in addition to the main piece of scrap metal, other alloys are attached as well but should not be mixed with other non-alloy materials. Like Grade 1, it should not be corroded.

Other Types: asides from Grade 1 & 2, sheets and castings are considered a specialist forms of scrap metal and often are more valuable than generic forms of scrap metal.

Scrap Metal Prices

Current Scrap Metal Prices You Can Receive from a Car Wrecker & Other Recyclers

The following are some of the average prices of scrap metals in Australian in 2023. Prices may vary on a variety of factors, including the condition of the metals and how pure they are, as well as the business you are offering your scrap metal to.

  • Mixed Copper – $7.00 per Kg
  • Bright Copper Wire – $6.38 per Kg
  • Heavy Copper Wire – $5.71 per Kg
  • Copper Tanks – $5.04 per Kg
  • Braziery Copper – $4.70 per Kg
  • Brass – $4.20 per Kg
  • Titanium – $4 per Kg
  • Foamy Tanks and Lead Wash – $3.70 per Kg
  • High-Grade PVC Wire – $2.86 per Kg
  • PVC Wire – $2.02 per Kg
  • Lead – $1.85 per Kg
  • 316 Stainless Turnings – $1.34 per Kg

Why You Should Sell Your Car to an Authentic Car Wrecker Like Ezy Car Wreckers

Trusted Cash for Cars companies like Ezy Car Wreckers provide a no-nonsense Car Recycling service for vehicle owners who want to sell and remove their vehicle quickly. We buy vehicles in any condition in order to recycle them for their valuable auto parts, scrap metals and other materials. Not only will you have your vehicle bought with an Instant Cash for Cars payment up to $15,000, but you’ll also receive a Free Car Removal Adelaide service, so you never have to worry about transporting your unwanted vehicle.

Why Adelaide Car Removal Companies like Ezy Car Wreckers are Great for the Environment

The process of recycling Scrap Metal helps to provide more environmentally-friendly production and repairs of other vehicles and hardware. In addition to this, eco-friendly Car Recyclers like Ezy Car Wreckers Adelaide provide a no-waste Car Disposal service, allowing you to avoid leaving your unwanted vehicle at a landfill or rubbish tip which is extremely detrimental to the environment.

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