When Should You Think About Fixing Your Car Battery?

Without the car’s battery, the car won’t run. There are different reasons that could cause battery problems just as there are signals that your battery may be in need of attention. Ezy Car Wreckers being the top Scrap Car Removals Adelaide offers the following tips.

1. The engine crank is slow

When you try to start the car, the engine cranking is slow and takes more attempts to start.

2. The check engine light

When the power to the battery is weak, your check engine light may appear.

3. The battery’s fluid level is low

It is essential that your battery has the right level of fluid. Typically, batteries have a clear part in the casing that allows car owners to visually view the fluid level. When the fluid drops below the energy conductor, it is necessary to have the charging system, and battery tested.

4. The battery case is swelling

Hot weather and high temperatures can cause havoc on a battery, causing its case to swell, which in turn lessens the life of the battery.

5. A leak in the battery

A leak in the battery can cause corrosion around the battery’s posts. When this occurs remove or have the gunk removed.

6. The battery is at the end of its life

When the battery is at the end of its life, you can begin to have troubles starting the engine. When the battery reaches its third year of life, it should be inspected by a battery specialist yearly.

Car Battery Fixing

Why your battery may drain overnight

When the battery drains overnight, it is typically caused by a light being left on, or the power adapter plugged in. The issue could also be a result of faulty electrical components or wiring.

What are the factors that affect a battery’s life?

There are different factors like the driver’s driving habits and the year-round climate that will lessen the life of the battery. Other factors include:

Short Trips

*  When you take short trips of less than 20 minutes, the battery does not have enough time to recharge fully

Extreme Temperatures

* Hot weather is hazardous to car batteries just as the cold weather with both creating the possibility of a shorter life for the battery.

* How to lengthen the life expectancy of your car’s lead-acid battery

* Inspect the battery terminals monthly to ensure that they are corrosion free and clean. Corrosion and scrap on the terminals will cause battery problems as well as shorten the life of the battery.

* Don’t operate car accessories like electronics, lights, or radio while the car is turned off as it will put unnecessary strain on the battery.

* Be sure that the battery’s cables are good and the battery is secure. If the battery is not secure, it will ruin the battery as it will jolt around and be damaged.

Insulate The Battery

* Insulating the battery for the car will help protect it from extreme changes in temperatures.

* Charging your car’s battery weekly will help to prolong its life.

* Keep an eye on your car’s battery water level and keep the fluid at the proper level.

Typically, a car battery has a life expectancy of three to five years. The better you keep your battery, the longer it’s life expectancy. For car owners that are ready to sell their cars, Ezy Car Wreckers is the specialized Car Removals Adelaide to buys cars of all makes & conditions. We come to you to buy and remove your car, leaving you with cash in your hand that leaves you counting.

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