What is the Difference Between Scrapers and Wreckers

More often than not, we find ourselves trying to get rid of an old car by putting it up for sale. Needless to say, that does not always work out when your car is super old and not very customer-attractive. However, old or whatever the condition may be, it has got to worth more than a few hundred dollars, right?

Some car removal companies in Adelaide quote significantly less than others. While some promise to pay much more. Are they conning you? Not really! It’s mainly because one of them is a scraper while the higher payout is usually offered by car wreckers. Below, we’re going to explain the difference between these two.

Wreckers VS Scrapers

What is the Difference Between Scrapers and Wreckers


Car Scrapers are like any other kind of scrapers. They aren’t looking for anything except metal. Metal that they, in turn, sell for recycling purposes. Selling a vehicle to scraper can result in a payout that is substantially more than what you’d get at a junkyard with a landfill. But only consider selling the vehicle to a scraper, when you’re sure there are close to no working parts left in the vehicle and the only good thing it offers now is the metal on it.

Scrapers don’t have the authority to pull parts out of a vehicle for resale so they just include any metal parts and discard rest of the vehicle. That’s what scrapers are good at, and that’s what they will pay you for – the amount of metal they can Get out of your Scrap Car. Cash for cars Adelaide is also available at many scrapers throughout the country. So if you want to sell a scrap car, that’s the place to go.


Car Wreckers are different than scrapers. Unlike scrapers, who are just looking for metal in any form, wreckers are a little more informed about cars. This means when you want to sell a car at a wrecker they take a good look at it to check if any of the parts in your car are still usable.

Whatever parts can be pulled out of your car for reuse, will be pulled out and the rest of the vehicle will be scavenged for recyclable metal. If you believe that your car isn’t too old, still has some parts working or maybe even all the parts working then you should sell it to a wrecker.

Since they are licensed to pull out spare parts for resale, they have a greater payout as compared to car scrapers.

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