What to Do If Your Brakes Go Out While Driving

Many drivers are concerned that they could be driving along, and their brakes fail. Brakes need to be in good running condition as this could happen. Being prepared for the unexpected brake loss will help you to keep the situation under control. Ezy Scrap Car Removals Adelaide provides the following information.

Firstly, stay calm. It is likely that your car has a dual braking system, so press your foot down strongly on the brake pedal for the dual brakes to have a chance to slow the car down. If you have no luck, you want to slow your car down using other options.

■ Pull the emergency brake:
The emergency braking system is not the same system as the hydraulic brake system. While the emergency brake is not likely to stop the car, it will help to slow its speed.

■ Downshifting is another way to slow the car:
Take your foot off the gas and start to downshift. It is necessary that when you have lost your brakes that you work your way out of traffic as quickly as possible. If you can get to the side of the road, do so. Turn your hazard lights on to let other cars know that you are having car troubles, and turn your signals on to change lanes. Turning on the car lights is also a good choice to help alert other drivers that you are having car troubles, just as using your horn if you find that you cannot get out of their way or vice a versa.

■ Never turn off the car unless the car is at a stop:
Turning off the car could mean losing your power steering, which would add more danger to the situation.


Once the car is off the road and safe, you will likely need to contact someone for assistance. Do not take the chance of starting the car and giving the brakes another try. Next time you might not be so lucky. If you have reflective triangles put them out behind your car so that other drivers are aware that you are there.

Brakes typically alert drivers before they go out. When brakes are worn, they will make a noise. However, they can simply fail and leave a driver in a terrible situation. Car owners that have not read their owner’s manual for their cars need to do so. The owner’s manual has a great deal of valuable information about the car, how to care for the car, and service interval schedules, including information on its brakes. Preventative maintenance, keeping a car strong and healthy is sometimes the best care. If you have yet to read your owner’s manual for your car, do so. The manual is designed to provide car owners with information for their cars, such as how to care for the car, what to do when engine parts start to fail, and service intervals.

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