Sign Up for An Exceptionally Easy Way to Buy Honda Parts

Sign Up for An Exceptionally Easy Way to Buy Honda Parts

Meet the most prominent Toyota wreckers Lonsdale company offering reliable Toyota car parts at extremely affordable prices.

So, why spend all that money on buying new and costly car parts when you can get second-hand parts for half the price?

Yes, and you don’t need to spend a single dime on visiting dealerships and auto parts companies because our process is all online. Order Toyota spare parts you need sitting at your home.

Now hurry up and book your required part without lifting a finger.

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No Age, No Mileage, No Condition Limit To Buy Your Toyota Vehicle

If you are searching for trusted Toyota wreckers near me, this is it!

We see the top value in all Toyota models, age, make, and condition. We are ready to purchase every vehicle, from buying junk trucks to scrap cars, written off vans, accident utes, used SUVs, or damaged sedans.

Ezy Car Wreckers Adelaide is a fully licensed and registered team of wreckers Adelaide Toyota with a state of the art wrecking yard. And our towing team safely removes your unwanted vehicle from your street, backyard, driveway, garage, parking lot, or highway.

So, give us a call now to free up valuable space.

No Age, No Mileage, No Condition Limit To Buy Your Toyota Vehicle

Any Toyota Model You Have Is Welcome

You might not believe this! We never say no to any Toyota model, no matter its size, shape, or mileage. These are the models that car owners usually sell to us in Lonsdale:

  • Toyota 86
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Toyota C-HR
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Vios
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Corolla Cross
  • Toyota Corolla Altis
  • Toyota Corolla Hatchback
  • Toyota Corolla Sedan
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Toyota Rush
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Mirai
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Prado
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Supra
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Wigo
  • Toyota Yaris Hatchback
  • And more

Please note that the list above is not final and subject to change depending on your model and the current market demand. If you have a model you don’t see in the above list, talk to our customer representative.

Parts for All Toyota Models Are Available In Our Inventory

Transmission Parts

  • Gearbox
  • Clutch
  • Valve Body
  • Transmission Pan
  • Transmission Filter
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Gears (e.g., ring gear, planetary gears, etc.)

Engine Parts

  • Pistons and Piston Rings
  • Crankshaft
  • Camshaft
  • Oil Pump and Pan
  • Engine Mounts
  • Cylinder Head
  • Engine Sensors

Electrical Components

  • Battery
  • Alternator
  • Spark Plugs
  • Starter Motor
  • Hazard Lights and Turn Signals
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  • Engine Control Module (ECM)

Braking System Parts

  • Rotors
  • Calipers
  • Brake Pads

Interior Parts

  • Seats
  • Dashboard
  • Door Panels

Exterior Parts

  • Bumpers
  • Mirrors
  • Lights

Drivetrain Parts

  • Drive Shaft
  • Differential
  • Axles

Cooling System Parts

  • Radiator
  • Thermostat
  • Hoses

Fuel System Parts

  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Injectors

Suspension and Steering Components

  • Struts
  • Shocks
  • Tie Rods

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We are the Toyota wreckers Lonsdale that want to forge a long lasting relationship of trust with our customers. That is why we offer the most seamless wrecking process for old, used, damaged, scrap, or junk Toyota vehicles.

The clock is ticking on your car’s market value, so call now for an instant cash for cars Adelaide quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a simple Toyota wreckers Lonsdale process. All you need to do is provide the age, model, and year of your vehicle and its condition. In return, we will provide a quote for the Toyota, and if you agree with the offer, we will also arrange for free pick-up or towing.

The payment option depends on your preference. We can offer cash for Toyota right when we remove your vehicle from your property. Alternatively, you can get your payment via Osko instantly. You can also opt for a cheque or bank transfer.

We offer both options. So, it’s up to you if you want us to wreck your car completely and sell it for parts in return for cash up to $15,000 or if you are looking for an auto part for your Toyota.