Top Tips on Uneven Tyre Wear: Basic Knowledge

Car tyres wear; but, when they wear the tyre unevenly is being wasted. Ezy Car Wreckers provides the
following information on uneven tyre wear.

Typically, when a tyre starts to wear unevenly, it is because the tyre is not properly aligned. It could also
not have the proper level of air pressure in the tyre, or its suspension may be worn out. The tyres of
your car are essential as they are what stays in contact with the road. There are also weather conditions
that can play havoc on tyres. Let’s look at some common wear patterns and why they are caused.

Inner and Outer Tyre Wear

If your tyres are experiencing excessive inner or outer edge wear, which is also referred to as “toe wear”
it is a sign that something is not right with the alignment of the wheel and it will be necessary to
schedule an appointment for a wheel alignment.

Centre Tyre Wear

When the tyres are wearing in the centre, it is likely that you have too much air pressure in the casing.
Check your owner’s manual for your car, or open the doorjamb to find the specs sticker, and determine
what the correct air pressure for your car tyres, and adjust the air pressure accordingly.

Edge Wear

When the outer edges of tyres wear faster than in the centre of the tyre, the tyre is likely underinflated.
Again, find your manufacturers tyre pressure recommendations and adjust the tyres accordingly.

Cupping Wear

When the wear is similar to diagonal scalloping on the tyre, it is termed cupping wear and is a sign that
the car’s suspension is worn out or damaged. The problem is one that is serious and needs the attention
of a mechanic.

Patchy Wear

When the tyre is experiencing patchy wear, it is a sign that the tyres for the car are out of balance, and
the tyres need to be spun and rotated.

It is essential that tyres are kept in good condition at all times. While some tyres may wear unevenly,
typically a driver can know in time before a great deal of tyre life is lost. Because it is so important that
tyres be regularly checked, check them, including the air pressure in the tyres at least every other week,
preferably when the tyres are cold.

uneven tyre wear

Also, car owners that have not read the owner’s manual needs to do so. The manuals are designed to
provide valuable information about cars, and service interval schedules. Learning your car will help you
be better prepared should the unexpected happen, and the owner’s manual for your car is designed for
you to learn the car and how to care for it; as well as, what to expect should something be going wrong.

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