Top Ideas on How to Park Dent Free in Adelaide

Dents and dings quickly bring down a car. When the car’s paint sparkles, car owners are proud. When the car is dented and dinged, it can cause embarrassment, not to mention decreases the value of cars. It is discouraging to park in a parking lot just to come back to your car and find that the car driver or passenger of the car next to you opened their door on your car and the side of the car is dented and paint scratched. The majority of dents and dings are a result of parking in parking lots. The following advice from the scrap car removals Adelaide shows top ideas on how to park dent free in Adelaide.

Parking Spots

When you drive through the parking lot to park your car, you may have to get the closet spot to your destination in mind. While the closest spot means greater convenience and less walking, it is not necessarily the safest parking spot for your car. When looking for a parking spot drive through the entire parking lot, looking for a space that offers plenty of room for cars. You may even park further away from the other cars to avoid cars in spaces next to your parking space.

Looking for a parking spot at the end of a row, or one with a barrier or wall on one side will help to minimise the risk of your car being hit by another driver. Also, don’t park in spaces that offer enough room for your car. For instance, if you have a large car, don’t try to squeeze into a small, economy space.

Park Car Dent Free

Other Cars

When you find available parking spots, you also want to look at the cars next to space. Cars that are in pristine condition are less likely a risk than a car that is beaten and battered. Drivers of older cars or ones that are beaten and battered are less likely to be concerned about the condition of their car, and less likely to have the concern for others.

There is no such thing as guaranteed dent free parking, but being cautious does help to reduce the risk of dents in parking lots. A few extra steps could mean the difference between coming back to a dented car, or one that is in the condition as when you left.

Should your fender be bent in a parking lot, or scratches on the door, always pull out the owner’s manual for your car and read all information on repairing exterior paint, dents, and dings. The owner’s manual for your car is something that you should read from cover to cover as it offers vital information on your car.

Again, there is no such thing as dent free parking, but with a little precaution, you can help to protect your car from dents in a parking lot. Follow the above guidelines, even if it means parking a little further away from the entry of where you are going. Those few extra steps necessary to get to where you are going could mean the difference of hundreds to thousands of dollars in costly repairs from a driver that is not as appreciative of your car as you.

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