Should You Fix or Sell Your Car?

Car owners can find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to repairing their car to keep it going or selling and replacing it. Don’t toss a coin to help you make the decision. EZY Car Wreckers offers the following information on how to know when it is time to repair or Sell Your Car in Adelaide.


Suppose your car was in top performance. Its body may have a few dents and dings, but otherwise, it is expected to last for a few more years requiring just regular servicing to keep it going. What is the value of the car? Before you determine if you should repair your car, you want to know the value of the car. What would the fair market value be for the car if you had it in good working condition, and placed it on the market? Calculate the value of the car
without considering the costs of repairs. You want the market value of the car in good to premium condition.

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Costs of Repairs

Once you know the value of the car, determine how much it will cost to repair its engine. Do the costs come close to the value or exceed the value of the car? When the costs are close to or over the value of the car, the best option for car owners, typically, is to sell their cars. Suppose your car was valued at $2000; and, the costs to repair its engine is $1500. You repair the engine, and six months later the car is in the shop, needing more repairs. At the least, when you sell the car, the equity is not there. If the costs to repair the car are greater, there likely is no reason to hold onto the car.

How to Get Top Cash for An Engine Damaged Car

When the car’s engine is damaged, EZY Car Wreckers will make sellers a deal for their cars. We are a reputable Car Removal Company in Adelaide that pays cash for cars. As wreckers & recyclers, we tend to get cash value from old, used or unwanted cars. To obtain a quote, give us a call at the number below with the details of your car. Online quotes can be obtained through our homepage. With EZY, you have the EZY solution for your engine
damaged car.

Choose the EZY Way to Top Cash for Your Car by calling us at 0431 346 388.

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