Why Selling Your Car For Cash Is Eco-Friendly?

Are you a green enthusiast? Do you worry about the environment and where your vehicle might end up once you scrap it? Your wife constantly nagging you about getting rid of your Unwanted Car which no one is willing to buy. Has your old vehicle taken all the space in your garage while leaving no space for a new car, the solution is present?
Why Selling Your Car

We Pay Cash for Cars In Adelaide!

Why not just sell you old and wrecked ‘car for cash‘? It’s hard to believe. There are many “Car Recyclers” that are interested in the old auto parts and metal of your old car. These companies are environment-friendly that take the responsibility of disposing of your vehicle of appropriately. They also make sure the scrapping process does not hurt the environment and in turn, you get paid CASH for your junk vehicle. It doesn’t get better than that.

How does it work?

The process is very simple. Firstly, the fluids are drained from the car which includes petrol, oil, antifreeze and other fluids. Then the reusable parts are assessed and removed, cleaned and restored for resale into the market. Parts which are deemed unusable for reselling are either recycled or stored away safely. And lastly, the chassis is fed into the crusher before ferrous and non-ferrous metals are sorted and melted.

Selling your Scrap Car for Cash helps pump funds into the economy by reusing recycled metals. Also, buy opting for used and auto parts you not only save money but also save the planet as this will decrease the demand for new parts thus reducing the carbon foot print left by these companies. As the demand declines the dependence on fossil fuels to produce these parts will also decline thus reducing the emissions that are threatening the health and welfare of humans and wildlife.

Just some very important statistics for you, a 14 year old car produces 19 times more smog emissions while a single mercury switch in most cars has enough mercury to pollute a 20 acre lake which makes the disposing of such old Cars responsibly very important tasks in terms of the environment. It is therefore important that you make sure that the company in Adelaide you sell your car too is licensed and registered so that one can ensure that the car is disposed of responsibly. It doesn’t matter what your make, model or condition your vehicle is in companies like us EZY Car Wreckers Adelaide will get the car off your hands and make sure you get the best price for it.

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