Selling Your Accident Condition Car In Adelaide Is Easy With EZY Car Wreckers

With accident cars, the sellers can have some concerns, like selling their cars and having the buyer come back saying that the seller did not disclose something about the car at the time of purchase. EZY Car Wreckers of Adelaide is the perfect solution to sell your accident condition car without any snags.

We Are Your Car Buyer in Adelaide

We are a Car Buyer in Adelaide that specialises in accident cars of every make and condition. We are also legitimate buyers that are established and trusted in the area. When we buy accident condition cars, our car owners have a car buyer that they don’t have to worry about. We know that we are buying a car in accident condition and bring all the necessary paperwork with us, and properly fill it out.

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What Else Do We Offer?

We are also a car buyer that offers many things that you may not find with other removal companies in Adelaide. We pay cash for cars and offer our quotes over the phone and online. So, there is no need to take the time to schedule an appraisal. Just as you don’t have to waste time bringing your car to us to collect cash for the sale of your car to EZY Car Wreckers of Adelaide. We come to you.

Receive Top Cash

We do encourage all car owners not to sell their cars to us until they have collected their insurance claims from their insurance provider. Car owners that do sell their cars to us receive top cash as we are wreckers and recyclers, so you will receive Cash for Car Parts we pull just as you will receive cash for the recycling of the metals of the car.

Our Buying System

With EZY Car Wreckers, you will not have any snags when selling your car to us.
1.   Contact us for a quote (can it get easier than that?).
2.   Take us up on our cash offer for your car, or pass.
3.   Schedule a free car removal in Adelaide at a time that fits into your schedule.
We are car wreckers & recyclers that get the best cash from accident condition cars. For a quick quote, contact us at the number below, or visit our homepage to fill out our online “Get a Quote” form.

Call us at 0431 346 388.

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