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Don’t pay a car scrapping fee. Contact Ezy Car Wreckers to have your car scrapped for free. We will put a cash payment in your hand for your car in scrap condition. Our maximum payout is $15K! Have an old car that is a collector car? We are the place to sell it. Do you have a car that is deteriorated? We are the place to sell it. Contact Ezy Car Wreckers for a top cash quote. Call 0431 346 388

Scrap My Car Adelaide for Free

At Ezy Car Wreckers, don’t expect to pay for your car scrapping. We provide courtesy car scrapping. We are your car scrappers in Adelaide that pay you to scrap your car. We are no amateurs. We are a team of professionals that are fully equipped to scrap your car. With the expertise of our scrappers, you can get the value that you didn’t realise from your car. At Ezy Car Wreckers, you have a team of pros that guarantee great value to Scrap Your Car in Adelaide.

Scrap My Car Adelaide for Top Cash

When you want top cash for scrap car in Adelaide, you need to call the scrap car specialists. We are a team of professionals that pay up to FIFTEEN THOUSAND dollars to scrap cars. While it isn’t likely that your car is worth thousands of dollars, you are guaranteed that we will provide you a fair cash price for the car. We keep up to date on the current value of scrap metals, so when we make a quote for a car in scrap condition, we are quoting the owner for the value of scrap metals under the hood and the body of the car.

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Scrap My Car – Get Free Scrap Car Removals Adelaide

At Ezy Car Wreckers, when we scrap your car you can rely on more than free scrapping services. You are also guaranteed a free scrap car removal at a time of your choice. Don’t have time to meet with us until after hours a few days from now? We will be there. Need a quick, same day car removal that leaves you with quick cold hard cash in your hand. We’ll get there today with the cold hard cash in our hands to pay you for your scrap car. We are your car buyer that pays instant Cash for Scrap Car in Adelaide.

How It Works

Your car is in scrap condition. We have the dismantlers and scrapers you need to get value from the car. While most places may charge, we never charge our customers for our services, and yet we tend to be the best quote they receive for their scrap cars. The reason is that we are expert scrappers that are fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to scrap cars of any make and condition. In fact, we scrap any vehicle, so give us a call for a quote for your truck, SUV, van, bus, or 4×4. We even scrap motorcycles.

When we are your choice for a scrapper in Adelaide, you can expect us to buy your car in three easy steps that don’t put you out of your way:

  1.    Contact us for a quote.
  1.    Accept or reject our cash quote.
  1.    Schedule a free scrap car removal, Adelaide.

We are the Car Buyers in Adelaide that it is that easy to have your car sold & removed.

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