Rms Notice of Disposal

Rms Notice of Disposal

The RMS Notice of Disposal is a crucial document you must submit to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) after selling your car, indicating the sale and transferring future responsibilities to the new owner. This prevents any future fines or issues from being attributed to you. You have 14 days from the sale date to lodge this notice, which can be done online or in-person. To understand the requirement in detail, check out our post on Notice of Disposal SA (NOD): A Requirement to be Submitted by Car Sellers.

RMS Notice of Disposal

First off, you might be wondering, “What in the world is an RMS Notice of Disposal?” Well, imagine you’ve just sold your car, and you’re waving goodbye as its new owner drives off into the sunset. Beautiful, isn’t it? But wait, there’s one more step before you can dust off your hands and call it a day – letting the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) know you’ve sold your vehicle. That’s where the Notice of Disposal comes in.

Why It’s a Big Deal

You know how when you sell something, you don’t want it knocking back on your door with problems? That’s exactly why this notice is crucial. It’s your way of saying, “Hey, RMS, I’ve sold my car. If it gets caught speeding or double-parked, it’s not on me.” It keeps any future fines or issues firmly with the new owner, not haunting you. Understanding the impact of these issues on your sale can be further explored in The Impact of Market Conditions on Cash for Cars Offers.

The Step-by-Step How-To

So, how do you get this piece of paperwork out of the way? It’s simpler than teaching a kangaroo to hop. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Grab the Details: You’ll need the buyer’s name, address, and the sale date. Oh, and don’t forget your car’s details – think of it as its ID at the party.
  • Jump Online or In-Person: You can lodge the notice on the RMS website faster than you can say “Bob’s your uncle” or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, pop into a service centre. For those considering car removal, our post on The Easiest Car Removal Method in Adelaide might come in handy.
  • Fill It Out & Send It Off: Fill in the details, cross your Ts, dot your Is, and send it into the digital ether or hand it over to the lovely folks at the service centre.

Timing Is Everything

Just like snagging the best pie at the bakery, timing matters. You’ve got 14 days from the sale to lodge this notice. Miss the window, and it’s like leaving your pie out in the rain – not ideal.

What If You’re Gifting Your Car?

Ah, the gifters among us, you generous souls. The process is the same. Whether you’re selling your ride or gifting it, the RMS wants to know. It’s like letting your neighbour know you won’t be needing that cup of sugar back after all. For eco-conscious givers, exploring Eco-Friendly Car Disposal Options in Adelaide can provide additional insights.

A Few Tips from Yours Truly

  • Keep a Copy: Just like keeping a receipt for that warranty claim, keep a copy of the notice. It’s your proof if any mix-ups happen.
  • Update Your Records: Sold your car? Make sure to let your toll, insurance, and any other car-related services know. It’s like updating your address when you move – keeps everything running smooth. Our guide on Local Laws and Regulations for Selling Cars in Adelaide can further assist you.
  • Photos and Paperwork: Before you hand over the keys, snap some pictures of your car and gather all its paperwork. It’s like packing a suitcase for a holiday – everything important needs to go in.

What If I’m Stuck?

Hey, even the best of us get bogged down sometimes. If you’re feeling like a kangaroo in the mud, reach out. The RMS has folks ready to help, or you can give us a shout at Ezy Car Wreckers. We’re here to help you glide through the process like a surfer on a perfect wave. For more complex scenarios, our post on How Cash for Cars Services Work in Adelaide might offer some clarity.


There you have it, mates – the RMS Notice of Disposal, demystified. It’s not just a piece of paperwork; it’s your ticket to peace of mind after selling your car. And remember, if you ever need advice or a hand with your car – whether it’s ready for the scrap heap or just needs a new home – I’m your guy. Here at Ezy Car Wreckers, we’re all about making life easier and a bit more fun, one car at a time. For those looking to say goodbye to their car hassle-free,

contact us at Ezy Car Wreckers at 0431346388 and get cash for your car in Adelaide today. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Getting Top Cash for Your Old Car in Adelaide for more details.

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