Notice of Disposal SA (NOD): A Requirement to be Submitted by Car Sellers

Sold your scrap car for cash? Wow. Congrats! And what about Notice of Disposal SA (NOD)? The South Australian Government highly recommends to lodge a Disposal Notice as soon as your vehicle is sold. If you are unaware of the importance of submitting a disposal notice then come along. In this article, we have deeply explained the prerequisites and the complete process of NOD submission.

As a bonus, we have described the pattern you need to follow while writing your NOD. So, read on to get keen info about the entire process.

Importance of Lodging Notice of Disposal SA Once Your Car is sold

You might be wondering ‘Why do I need to inform authorities about selling my car?’ Let me correct you. The answer is, you don’t need to. Yes, you don’t need to inform the government until your car is sold. But when your car is out of your possession and has another owner then you better involve authorities to save yourself from troublesome situations.

Once you sold your vehicle for cash for cars then it becomes necessary to transfer your registration to the new owner. For this, Notice of Disposal SA is a must. Why so? So that you cannot be accused for any misleading activity done by your old car. For example, if your old car is parked at the wrong location and the paperwork is incomplete then instead of charging a new owner, you would be accountable for the penalty.

Isn’t it unfair to charge an old car owner? Hence, if you want to save yourself from such circumstances then you must lodge NOD, right after selling your car.

Important Things to Consider Before Submitting

If you are selling your car then the following are some primary things to be taken into keen consideration. These aspects are pointed out by SA government regarding transfer registration. Let’s explore them together:

Personalized Number Plates

As per the Government of South Australia, if you have personalized number plates then you have to take action since they are payable. Either reserve the plates at service centers and issue standard plates or exchange your old plate to your newly bought vehicle.

Registration Proof

You need to provide proof of registration to the car buyers. This will give assurance about transferring the vehicle on their name once they bought it.

Removing Electronic Tag

If you have any eTags, their removal is mandatory before selling your car or lodging NOD.

Leave the Green Slip As It Is

The ‘Green Slip’, also known as CTP (Compulsory Third Party) Insurance doesn’t require any changes, it will be transferred to the new owner automatically.

Lodge the Disposal Notice

Now here comes the most important step. You need to lodge a Disposal Notice SA to save yourself from fines and accusations for your old sold car.

Check Whether You Are Eligible to Submit NOD Online

The Government of South Australia allows lodging NOD via their online platform. However, if you are under any of the following conditions then you are not eligible for online lodgement. You need to submit a hard copy instead. The scenarios are:

  • If you’re selling to a car dealer, the auto dealer doesn’t have a motor dealing license.
  • Vehicle disposal is not solely yours but belongs to your organization.
  • Your car buyer doesn’t have a driving license
  • You lost the photo on your driving license
  • You lost your driving license


Negative Consequences of NOT Lodging Disposal Notice SA

Let us walk you through some major negative consequences that you may face if you forget to lodge a Disposal Notice SA.

Accountable for Any Unlawful Act by Sold Vehicle

The first and foremost is the unlawful and illegal activity. If your sold vehicle is convicted for any criminal acts then the authorities will pose charges on you. For example, if your vehicle is found on a crime scene and you don’t have NOD then you will be under primary suspect by the police.

Charged For All Driving Offences of Your Sold Vehicle

Another consequence is accountability for breaking traffic rules. Suppose your new car owner is caught driving while drunk, then the charges will be imposed on you. Since you have no proof of car selling, you cannot prove your innocence.

Responsible For All Accidental Damages

One of the negative aspects related to not submitting an NOD is being responsible for things that you don’t even know about. Let’s say if your sold car met with an accident and found damaged on an accident site then you will be called. Why? Because your name is still there on car registration papers.

Now, what’s the solution? How to escape from such situations? It’s simple – transfer your car’s registration to the new owner immediately.

Requirements For Transfer Registration of Your Sold Car

Want to secure yourself from future hassles? The solution is to cancel your registration and transfer your vehicle to the new owner. For this, you need the following:

  • Your Name (as per registration paper)
  • Your address
  • Your driving licence number
  • Registration documents (optional)
  • Number plates
  • Registration number plates
  • Payment for canceling your registration

Fill up the application form for canceling registration.

Notice of Disposal SA: The Submission Process

You can simply notify the SA government here by creating a free account. The government charges you no fee for this. However, the information you require to submit NOD are as follows:

  • Complete Vehicle Data
    • Model Year
    • Registration Number
    • VIN
    • Engine Number
  • Complete Owner (Your) Info
    • Name/DOB/Address
    • License No.
  • Complete Buyer Info
    • Name/DOB/Address
    • License No.

For detailed information and an official process to follow, you need to make a mySA GOV account. This will require only a few minutes and will charge you zero dollars.

Pattern to Follow for Writing NOD

If you are stuck in the thought of where and how to start writing your full Car Disposal Notice SA then let us help you. You need to follow the given steps to write a perfect disposal notice:

  1. Start by entering your full name.
  2. Write your photo card number followed by driving license number
  3. Enter the card number mentioned on driving licence
  4. Enter VIN
  5. Done!

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Key Takeaway

In this article, we informed you about the importance of Vehicle Disposal Notice SA. If you are planning to sell your car in Adelaide then contact our team. We will assist you in lodging your NOD and hence you can save your precious time. We are at your service whenever you need. Ring us now or get a free quote to enjoy top cash for cars instantly.

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