Is Your Oil Leak Serious? Find out with these Tips from EZY Car Wreckers of Adelaide

When the car starts to leak oil, it is serious concern, not just for the sake of your engine, but your driveway, as well. EZY Car Wreckers Adelaide offers the following tips on how to determine the severity of your oil leak.

Firstly, there are different factors that determine the severity of the oil leak:

  • The size of the leak and its location.
  • The time and miles you drive the car each day.
  • The capacity of the engine oil.
  • How often you change your oil.

The Leak Size and Location of The Leak

The leak size and the location of the leak is one of the biggest factors in determining the seriousness of the leak. With big leaks, you are risking your engine that much more as your oil level will go down when you run the car that much faster. The location of the leak also matters. For instance, if the Oil Leak is in your valve cover gasket, the leaking oil can end up on your exhaust manifold which can result in smoke or fire, making the leak one that is quite dangerous. If the leak is coming from the engine’s timing cover or the front crank seal, the oil can get into your timing belt and engine drive belts which then risks the belts, as well as creates a tremendous mess.

car engine oil leak

Time or Miles Driven Each Day

You will also want to consider the time you spend behind the wheel driving your car, as well as the miles that are driven per day. If you are driving less than 10 miles a day, it is not as likely that your Oil Level will reach dangerously low points before you check the oil again. If you are driving your car and sitting in stop and go traffic for two hours a day, you may find that your oil level is at dangerously low points every few days. Also, when the oil is leaking it will increase the flow rate when your engine warms up so the longer the commute, the more oil that will be consumed.

The Capacity of The Engine Oil

The amount of oil that your engine holds is also a factor. If the engine is one that holds many quarts of oil, a small leak will not have the effect that it would for a car that holds only a few quarts of oil.

How Often You Change Your Oil

It is also important that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are Changing Engine Oil at the manufacturer’s recommendations and you find that your oil gets low between changes, then you need to have the engine checked by a mechanic. As with any part under the hood of your car’s engine, it is important that you are familiar with the part, as well as with the owner’s manual for your car. Your owner’s manual offers information that is specific to your car and its engine, and it is essential that you read the manual. There will be plenty of information on the engine’s oil as well as what to expect with problems that may occur, troubleshooting, and service intervals.

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