How to Identify Common Causes of a Faulty Car Air Conditioning

When the hot weather sets in, comfort in the car tends to be a priority. Weak airflow can create a lot of discomfort in the car in high temperatures. Ezy Car Wreckers being the Car Removals Adelaide offers car owners the following information on why your car’s AC may have weak airflow.

Car Faulty Air Conditioning

Primary causes of weak airflow

One common cause for weak AC airflow is that the evaporator core has accumulated mould or mildew. Mildew and mould can accumulate during the system’s cooling process. When the issue is the evaporator core has collected mould & mildew, airflow will be weak as the air has troubles reaching the vents.

The issue of weak airflow in your car’s AC can also be a result of a loose hose. Typically, it is the blower hose which is the hose responsible for supplying air to the blower unit.
Seals. There are some seals in the AC system like the evaporator core case seals, the blower hose seals, and the core case seals. When a seal opens up, airflow is diminished. The AC ventilation systems of cars are sensitive and need to remain sealed.

The ventilation fan is not working

If the AC is not blowing air, air won’t flow, and this can happen if the ventilation fan is not working.

When your car’s AC isn’t as cold as it used to be

There are many possible reasons your AC system may not be cool. As a word of advice, when you first start to notice that your AC is not producing the cold air like it used to, get it in the shop. Immediate attention could mean the difference a small repair to a large repair.

The lack of cold air can be caused by:

• A failed hose, seal, O-ring, or component which causes a Freon leak.
• The refrigerant charging hose or expansion tube is clogged.
• The compressor clutch or the compressor is not working properly.
• The blower motor resistor or blower motor is not working.
• The evaporator or condenser is damaged or failed.
• There is a leak in the vacuum.
• The solenoid, blend door, control module, relay, fuse, or switch is failed.

With any problem, but especially a leak in the AC system it is important that you take your car into your authorised mechanic to have it checked out. When there is a leak in the AC system, the system is open, and lack of attention could mean costly repairs to the system.

When your AC starts out cool but then gets warm

When the AC starts out cool but then gets warm the problem could be caused by:
• The expansion valve is clogged
• The expansion valve is in charge of distributing the correct amount of refrigerant to the evaporator
• When there is a block in the valve, it is not possible for the refrigerant to flow into the evaporator
• If moisture is present, the refrigerant will freeze the valve.

The compressor clutch is faulty

When the compressor clutch is faulty, it will not engage with the compressor which results in the compressor not being able to maintain accurate pressure and hot air will flow.

A fuse is blown

Sometimes the issue can be as simple as a blown a fuse. When a fuse is blown, the power to the AC system will stop, causing hot air to blow.


A leak in the AC system is a result of the presence of moisture or damage.

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