How to Check Your Car’s Brake Pads?

Car ownership means responsibility. The care you provide your car makes the difference of its performance and longevity. Car Wreckers Adelaide provides the following information on how to check your car’s brake pads – an essential part of the car. Firstly, your brakes are a safety feature, and need to be well maintained at all times. The nice thing about the brakes on a car is typically they have symptoms before they fail completely. Following are ways to check your brake pads.

Listen to the sound of your brakes:

Brakes tend to make noises like a metal scrapping on metal when they are wearing out. The design of brake pads is to make noises as an early warning to car owners. The sound will sound like it is coming from the wheels of the car when it is moving or when the brakes are pressed. The longer the issue is neglected, the louder the noise will get as the brake pads will do nothing but wear further. It could also be possible that you need to have your pads adjusted.

The wheels of the car are another place that alert drivers that their brakes need to be replaced. Typically, there is brake dust that accumulates in the wheels. If one week you see that there is dust, and the next week it is gone, then it is a sign that your brakes need to be replaced. As no dust is a sign that the brakes are worn out.

Observe the brake pads:

Many cars have brake pads that can be seen through the wheel of the car. Look at your wheel to see if yours is one. If so, look for the thickness of the pad. If it is thin, and by thin we mean ¼ inch or less, it is time to replace your brake pads, or likely is time to replace the pads. Some pads also have a slot in the center of the pad which will wear down showing that they need to be replaced.

car brake pad

How your pedal and steering wheel feel can also be a symptom:

When a car’s brakes are worn out, typically there is a vibration that causes the steering wheel and pedal to vibrate.

If you are having trouble stopping (It is taking a longer distance to stop,) or you are having to press harder on the brake, this is another sign that the brake pads are worn out.

Not all car owners are comfortable checking their brakes. If you are one, don’t neglect having a mechanic check out the brakes. Safety first is always a priority, and cars must have good working brakes to be safe.

Car owners that have not read their owner’s manual for their cars need to do so. There is a great deal of information and service schedule intervals, including a section on the brakes.

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