Easy Ways To Sell Your Truck For Top Dollars

Easy Ways To Sell Your Truck For Top Dollars

How do you get rid of a truck that’s served your business well? Humanely, would be our suggestion at Ezy Wreckers Adelaide. Specialists in Unwanted Car Removal, we give your Cash for your Old Truck or Car, when it’s time to replace & Sell Your Truck For Top Dollars. Cash for Unregistered Vehicles – sounds like a dream? If that is so, one company makes your dream come true – Ezy Wreckers Adelaide.

It’s Ezy to get maximum Cash for your Car – or Truck for that matter

To get the best price, you have to go with an autoWrecker or Cash-for-Car dealer you can trust.

One such Car Wrecker and Truck Wrecker is Ezy Car Wreckers Adelaide.

Ezy Car Wreckers Adelaide buys Unwanted Cars – no matter what their condition is.cash for cars adelaide buy cars – all makes and models. Besides doing the Vehicle Transfer Paperwork (which can be tricky) for you, we provide our clients with FREE Car Removals and a FREE Towing Service as well.

Free Car Removals Modern Tow truck illustration, suitable for book, icon, print, game asset, infographic and other design related occasion.

FREE Car Removal – what’s that?

It’s like this – when you get an old car you no longer need, removed, you’d normally pay at least $99 to get a Towing Service in Adelaide to do the job for you.

The cost may be higher depending on far your location is from the nearest Wrecker or Caryard.

By inviting a Wrecker, or Cash for Car dealer like Ezy Wreckers Adelaide to remove your car – you don’t pay a Sell Your Truck For Top Dollars Service or Sell Your Truck For Top Dollars. Instead, you get paid – a small sum of money – for giving a Cash for Car company like Ezy Wreckers Adelaide the privilege of removing your car for you.

No such thing as an Unwanted Car or Truck as far as we are concerned

Unwanted is not in the lexicon of Cash for Car dealers like Ezy Wreckers Adelaide.

We ‘happily’ take all types of cars, vans, jeeps, trucks – even tractors, excavators and earth moving equipment giving our clients a fair price for them that could be as high as $15,000.

People like to do business with us because of our excellent prices and service.

Service is not just a way of business, it’s a way of life with us at Ezy Wreckers Adelaide. Always polite, always courteous, always kind – we make it a point to ensure that ‘everybody wins’ when we enter in a deal to purchase a car, van or truck.

We want our clients to be happy with our service not merely satisfied with it

And so, we go, the extra mile for them. Not just buying their unwanted cars but also providing a number of ancillary services as we do so such as :

  • Free Vehicle Disposal Assistance
  • FREE Quote over the phone itself
  • Pick up of vehicle from the customer’s residence
  • FREE Tow Service
  • Cash on delivery of the vehicle
  • Fair price for a vehicle that could be as high as $15,000
  • Complimentary services – such as FREE Garage Cleanouts for the Infirm or Elderly

Do you have an Unwanted Car or Truck you’d like to sell?

We’d be more than pleased to buy it from you. With Instant Quotes over the phone, and FREE Vehicle Pick up from your residence, this is a transaction that we could complete in the next 4 hours! To receive a FREE Car Valuation, please call us now at Ezy Wreckers Adelaide on 0431 346 388.

Marcus Oliver

Article By Marcus Oliver

His qualifications and over 22 years experience in the cash for cars industry make him a renowned car valuation expert for vehicles of all conditions. As the Automotive Acquisition Specialist, a dedicated automotive buyer and as a Certified Car Appraiser,, he has shaped the company's narrative, emphasizing sustainable car recycling. His expertise and commitment have solidified Ezy Car Wreckers' reputation in Adelaide.