Does Selling Your Junk Car For Parts Make More Money?

Junk Car Parts

Your car’s lifespan is almost over, either it experienced machine failures with time and requires repairs frequently or due to an accident that turned your lively ride into a scrap metal living out its final moments. Now, you have to decide what to do with it, you can either make the most out of it by selling it to a junkyard, sell it for parts, or let it turn into a dead mechanism parked in your garage.

You may consider selling your junk car for parts to generate more money rather than as-is, which seemingly is the advantage of selling your car parts separately, however, some uncertainties may end up costing you more in terms of time and money. If you still want to give it a shot, let’s look at how you may proceed with the concept and how much you can get for each part.


You may have decided to sell your car for parts as these parts would alone make more money than the entire car. However, the process of disassembling may not be as easy as you think, it may turn out to be the opposite.

Before disassembling your car, you should be aware of some facts;

Purchasing car parts is not a type of investment that will yield a profit when you sell your property. It’s impossible to predict how much you can get for a particular part once you buy it and install it in your car; at that point, it loses all of its value. Additionally, even if a part is in perfect condition, finding a buyer would be difficult due to the lack of buyers.

There is a chance you won’t find a buyer nearby, and shipping the part will cost you a lot of money and not be worthwhile. The older your car, the less valuable it is. Even if you manage to find someone interested in the part, the inquiries they will have and the time-consuming process involved each time you find a buyer for your part will wear you out.

Parting out the car is the most troublesome task when you decide to sell your vehicle’s parts separately. The smaller exterior parts of the exterior won’t pose much of a challenge, but the major parts inside the car will cause you a whole lot of trouble. You have to be careful while dismantling those parts, a slight mishap could leave you with nothing and it will be too late to change your mind and sell your car intact.


Several websites, such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and others, can give you an idea of the actual value of your car’s parts. Make a list of each product and its price so you can estimate the price you will likely receive. Then, compare those prices to the prices you could receive if you sold your car as is, compare the time you will have to invest in both options, and count the benefits if any. This will assist you in your decision-making.


If you find parting out your vehicle a better alternative, you have to go through a series of steps to sell the car parts without any trouble.

Know The Value

First, you must determine which part has the highest profit potential. We can all agree that the automobile’s engine is its most crucial component. If your car runs smoothly, it will be evident that your engine is in good shape, and a good engine has a good worth. AC and compressors, as well as engine starters, are in high demand in many repair facilities. The performance of the autos is also greatly influenced by the radiator and the catalytic converters. If sold individually, the good tires and wheels can bring in a sizable profit.

Selling Your Junk Car

Grab The Tools

Now that you know the value of the parts of your car, you need to bring your physical strength into action, grab the tools and start dismantling your car and take out its parts one by one. To do this, you must have the necessary abilities and know-how to remove the components carefully. Keep in mind that one tiny mistake can make a huge mess.

Reach Out To Buyers

One needs to market to sell something. Whether you are selling a whole car or just one of its pieces, you cannot attract customers until you advertise your product. Your ad must be explicit about the part in question so that potential buyers may make an informed decision and only contact you if they are interested in the part. In this way, you can stop receiving calls regarding queries from people who aren’t likely to become buyers.

Take pictures with detailed shots of each part from various perspectives. You can opt to sell your vehicle components on Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, or any other website that deals with the buying and selling of secondhand parts. Also, avoid shipping and selling your car’s parts locally, especially the hefty ones because doing so would save you money. Lighter parts, on the other hand, may be able to get you a good price offer if sold nationally.

Make A Deal

Fortunately, if you find a buyer, they would attempt to haggle with you over the asking price. If you’re not satisfied with the price they’ve offered, you can counter-offer to let potential buyers know that you’re willing to sell them the item, just not for their offered price. Once they give you a reasonable offer, be flexible enough to accept it and go ahead and close the deal by exchanging the part with money.


Selling a junk car for parts will cause you so much hassle, but, in the end, you may get a fruitful result and make the most money out of selling your car parts rather than selling them in one piece. But, this process will not only consume so much of your time but will drain your energy as well because disassembling takes a lot of physical strength.

Moreover, it will take many days, maybe even a month or two to sell all the parts of your car, so cross this option out of your list if you are looking to get instant money. Also, if even one of the parts is left unsold can affect the overall earnings and leave you short of money that you could have received if the entire vehicle had been sold.

Although selling a junk car for parts can be quite profitable, doing so carries a great deal of risk and responsibility. Choose the option wisely and go with the one you feel may benefit you more than the other, the ball is in your court now.

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