What Are Common Repairs for My Car in Adelaide?

There are common repairs that every car owner will need to perform on their car on a regular basis, or when necessary. While you may not be a DIY mechanic, you should have a local mechanic that can complete the repairs for you. Being up to date with service intervals for your car and taking care of issues to keep your car in top running performance is crucial. EZY Car Wreckers Adelaide offers the following information on the most common repairs for cars.

Your first thought when it comes to common repairs for the car may be changing the oil and oil filter of the car. Perhaps, replacing the windshield wiper blades for the car or the air filters. While these might be considered repairs, things like changing the oil of the car and its oil filter are scheduled maintenance, meaning that the manufacturer of the car will have time intervals for oil changes and oil filter changes recommended in the owner’s manual for your car, whereas some common repairs are not scheduled maintenance. Following are a list of the top 10 common repairs that car owners will likely face.

Top of the list is an oil change and oil filter change. Check your car owner’s manual to know the schedule intervals for changing your oil and oil filter.

Second on the list is wiper blade replacements. Typically, you will want to change your wiper blades yearly. Again, check your owner’s manual for a recommendation of when to change your wiper blades.

Third on the list is replacing your air filter. Filters get dirty and clogged and will need to be changed regularly.

Fourth on the list is scheduled maintenance. Your owner’s manual will list service intervals like changing the oil for your car, tune-ups, etc.

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Fifth on the list is replacing the tires of your car. Tyres are the only contact with the road that the car has, and it is essential for the safety and performance of your car that you have them replaced when the tyre treads are below legal limits, or when the tyres have wear patterns that affect the safety and performance of the car.

Sixth on the list is battery replacement. If you find that you have to have your car jumped regularly, or it is getting harder and harder to start, it is likely time to replace your battery.

Seventh on the list is replacing or adjusting the brakes for the car. Brakes are one component of the car that typically signals with noise or vibration that something is wrong.

Eighth on the list is adding antifreeze to your engine. Antifreeze should be checked regularly and is easy to top off.

Ninth on the list is engine tune-ups, something that all cars should be serviced with on a regular basis.

Tenth on the list is aligning and balancing the wheels of the car. Here, again, you will find that your car will let you know that it is time for an alignment (although your car owner’s manual should recommend interval schedules). However, the car will show signs of vibrating or pulling to one side or uneven tyre wear patterns.

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