Is Your Transmission Giving You Trouble? Look for These Signs from EZY Car Wreckers of Adelaide

When the transmission starts to act up, it will show symptoms that it is failing. EZY Cash For Cars Adelaide offers the following information on signs your transmission is having problems.

  • Harsh shifting
  • Whining or humming noise
  • Slow or hanging shifts
  • Rattling or clunking

When driving the car, listen for noises. Drive the car on the highway and listen, as well as around town. If you feel that you can’t hear any sounds, be certain by rolling down the windows and listening.

Harsh Shifting

When your transmission slams into gear when shifting it is a sign that your transmission is failing. The shifting trouble may be due to low fluid, abnormal pressures or worn components. If you find that the issue is not due to low fluid level, then you should have your transmission checked.

Hanging or Slow Shifts

When the transmission is experiencing a slow or hanging shift, it may be a sign that there are abnormal pressures or that there is a worn component in the transmission. If the shift is one that is slow, the issue could be as simple as needing a transmission filter replacement. Check your filter to see if it is clogged. If so, then change the filter, and if the problem still exists, you will need to have your transmission checked by a mechanic.

car transmission errors

Humming or Whining Noise

If the transmission is humming or whining it is a sign that there is trouble with the transmission fluid pump. The problem may be that the fluid is low, or the pump itself is failing. Check the transmission fluid and if it is low, add fluid. If the problem still exists, you will need to have the issue checked by a mechanic.

Rattling or Clunking Noise

If you are experiencing a rattling or clunking noise, it is a sign that something is failing, which could be your transmission. Listen to see if the signs are coming from the transmission. Regardless of where the noise is coming from, it is a sign that something is failing, and your car needs to be checked out by a mechanic.

As with any issues you may have with your car, consult with your owner’s manual as there is valuable information in the manual which will guide you on what to do. When it comes to your engine, remember that putting off repairs typically means more cost as the failing part will have wear on other parts and components of the car, as well, so keep your car well-tuned and serviced regularly, especially when something begins to fail or shows signs of a problem existing.

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