7 Best Used Cars To Buy In Australia 2024

best used cars to buy

The best-used cars to consider vary, but models like the Suzuki Alto, Toyota Auris, and Mazda 2 often offer reliability, good value, and diverse options to suit different needs and preferences.

Best Used Family Cars In Australia

When it comes to choosing a used car, reliability stands as a key factor. In a market teeming with options, finding a vehicle that’s dependable, cost-effective, and backed by solid data can be a game-changer. 

Our quest for the most reliable used cars in Australia delves into hard data sourced from Warrantywise, analyzing over 131,000 used-car insurance plans for vehicles under a decade old. The results might surprise you!

Unyielding Dependability

Peugeot 107:

The Peugeot 107, part of a trio including the Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1, may not immediately come to mind when considering reliable rides. 

However, these compact hatches have defied expectations, boasting an almost unbreakable reputation. 

Despite initial perceptions, these cars have proven their mettle in a grassroots racing series, making a strong case for their durability.

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Sibling Rivalry in Reliability

Hyundai i20 vs. Kia Rio:

In a twist of sibling rivalry, the Hyundai i20 finds itself slightly trailing the Kia Rio in terms of both reliability and cost-effectiveness. 

Despite being built on the same platform, the Rio stands marginally ahead, offering a blend of dependable performance and economical ownership.

Modesty and Unwavering Reliability

Suzuki Alto:

The Suzuki Alto, known as the Celerio in some regions, embodies modesty in its design and size. However, its unpretentious approach is backed by a reputation for reliability. 

While not a car that might immediately catch your eye, its honest and dependable nature speaks volumes.

A Reliable Global Best-Seller

Kia Rio:

The Kia Rio, a global best-seller for Kia, might be smaller and less expensive than its European-built sibling, but it compensates with robust reliability and affordability.

These attributes have solidified its position as a popular choice among buyers seeking reliability without compromising on value.

Reliability Unmatched

Toyota Auris:

Known as the Corolla in many parts of the world, the Toyota Auris boasts a reputation for unyielding reliability. 

While it might not be the epitome of excitement, its steadfast performance and hassle-free ownership experience have endeared it to countless drivers.

Surpassing Toyota’s Trademark Reliability

Mazda 2: 

Surprisingly, even Toyota’s unwavering reliability couldn’t outshine the Mazda 2 in terms of dependability. 

Despite not achieving the same sales figures as its competitors, the Mazda 2’s reliability, combined with impressive handling, positions it as a hidden gem in the used car market.

The Epitome of Small Car Reliability

Honda Jazz:

Honda’s knack for crafting reliable vehicles is evident in the Honda Jazz. 

This small, affordable car ticks all the boxes, offering not just reliability but also winning the hearts of learners and experienced drivers alike.

Choosing Reliability without Compromise

Navigating the used car market involves considering various factors, but reliability remains a cornerstone. 

These standout options, backed by data and real-world performance, provide a snapshot of dependable choices available to Australian buyers

Remember, a reliable car need not always conform to conventional choices – sometimes, the most dependable options are the most unexpected ones!

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