Being Prepared for A Roadside Emergency in Adelaide

Fluctuating temperatures make it necessary for car owners to be prepared for any type of roadside emergency. You may find your car overheating after taking off on a road trip to be stranded to the early hours of the morning, only to face an extremely cold night. Your car has broken down, your heart sinks, and there is no one in sight. Your cell phone is dead, and you realise you may be stuck on the side of the road for a long period of time. The temperatures start to drop or soar high. The next petrol station is too far to walk to and you decide to tough it out in your car. You know that if you would have prepared for the unexpected, you would be ready. Ezy Car Wreckers offers the following tips for all car owners as the following is necessary before you start out on a road trip.

Firstly, the first word of advice is to be prepared for the unexpected when you take off on the road. Having a bag of the things you need tucked away in the boot of the car can help save your life. You will want to pack items for any type of weather unless you have a summer and winter bag in the boot. Your bag should include all the essentials for the weather outside like a flashlight for any dark night, sunscreen for the hot days that you’ll want to be outside of the car if it should break down, etc. Also, the essentials like emergency flares or triangles, your cell phone charger, snacks and beverages, etc.

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Before taking off on the road, check the weather to ensure that the conditions are safe for traveling the roads. If the conditions are poor, put your trip off for a day or two. Always, when you start out, leave your agenda with someone that you’ll be checking in with, so they know whether you are safe or possibly stuck on the side of the road.

Always start out with a full tank of gas, and be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to stop, have a snack, go to the nearest rest area and stretch your legs.

If you do find yourself stuck in your car, call for help, if possible. Do not get out and go for help, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. The weather could be any temperature outside and if you are unprepared for the breakdown it will be that much harder to deal with the situation. If it is cold outside you can crawl inside of the car and turn on the heater; but, only do so in intervals of fifteen minutes at a time (just enough to warm yourself) or you could suffer carbon monoxide poisoning which could be fatal. If it is hot outside you might decide to stay outside of the car, but do not leave yourself in an unsafe situation. Whatever the situation stay alert and focused. Eat snacks and drink your beverages, but stay alert.

Being stranded in a car is a scary situation, and the better prepared you are for the situation, the more chance of a good outcome.

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